Alchemist Defi Launch !

Hello, fellow wizards ! After several days researching old spells in the library, the Guild of Alchemists has just launch its new swap and yield cauldron.

Alchemist Defi will reward wizards staking their tokens with MIST. We’ll use every possible spell to burn more and more MIST and buy them back from the sorcerer’s market.

The following MIST sinks have been implemented:

  • 2% MIST burn for every transaction
  • Lowered emission rate at launch (0.7)
  • 5% emission decrease rate every 8 hours
  • Buybacks and burns of MIST using deposit fees

To increase adoption, we already have started an intensive marketing campaign targeting main crypto groups, but also private groups using our personnal contacts, and twitter influencers. The design of the website was studied to improve trust and feeling of communities, and we want everyone to feel comfy and welcome here.

Having staked and earned money in yield farms ourselves, we know the main pain point buyers and stakers discover after entering: impermanent loss due to volatility.

As a consequence, we have started designing a trading bot that will use the deposit fees to stabilize the value of the token. It’ll buy when people sell and sell when the price will see large increases, in order to refill its bags. Of course, it will be programmed to buy much more than it sells, in order to allow the price to increase on the long term.

If the beta version is successful, we can market it to other swaps and have them pay in it MIST tokens — which will be burned.

The Guild of Alchemists is waiting for you ! Join us at and on Telegram at